Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skywatch Friday No. 14

A lot of news today! For one - two more Team Members have joined the team - most of you do know Fishing Guy and Wren! With so many participants coming up week after week, more eyes are always a good thing to have. So welcome both!

The other news is even more exiting.

Skywatch has a Sibling!

PJoin MyWorl Tuesday

The same crew of people that bring you Skywatch are adding a second meme. MY WORLD Tuesday.
As limitless as Skywatch, the idea behind MY WORLD is simple. Show us your world! Your Necks of the woods. Show us what makes the area you are living in, interesting. Be our Tourist Guide.
While we don't expect long articles, it would be nice if you would write some words in your post, describing what we are seeing. Your Halloween rites, the landmarks of your area, your celebrations, your home, your neighborhood, your state - all is fair game in MY WORLD Tuesday.

The inaugural Issue will start on Monday, October 20th, 8pm GMT ( 3pm EST ).
The URL is:
Head over and let us know how you like the idea - and if you have some of your own - don't hold back! Let us know. Procedures will be the same as in Skywatch, Badges for your site are available for download, Help is available - so no new tricks to learn. ;)
Just one. Since it is about Your World, we ask you to sign in to Mr. Linky with your name and country (and of course your URL). Like so: Jane Doe, Netherlands or John Doe, Australia.

The Team (Tom, Sandy, Imac, Klaus, Ivar, Wren & Fishing Guy) hopes that you will stop by, take a look, leave us your thoughts and suggestions and join us Monday Evening!

But now - without further delay - let's get the Skywatch Baby on the road!
And I do that with a wonderful Sunset, that happens over several "States" at the same time. The image shows Disney's Epcot "World's Showcase" in Orlando, Florida. From left to right:

United States, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico.

Skywatch is brought to you by:
The Sky Watch Team
Tom, Sandy, IMAC , Klaus, Ivar, Wren & Fishing Guy