Thursday, September 20, 2018

Skywatch Friday - First Day of Fall 2018 Edition


Welcome to Skywatch Friday. The 22nd of course is the first day of Fall in the northern hemisphere and Spring in the southern. (I always wonder how flat earthers explain that.)  Here in Oklahoma we are still running our air conditioners on high and further north, in Montana it is below freezing in the morning.
We start every Thursday afternoon at 2:30 PM CDT USA and keep going all week. The top spot in the order is always the most recent link. So we all get a chance to be number one! We are democratic that way, in a non partisan manner of course.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Skywatch Friday - 13 September 2018 Edition


Welcome to Skywatch Friday and thank you for participating! If you are in the target area of Hurricane Florence please get yourself to safety. Take your computer and camera with you! Let us know how you are doing! You are bloggers so I know I don't need to even say that.

September is a transition month for weather and here in Tulsa we finally have a break from the heat and humidity of summer. I love Fall, it is my favorite season.

We start a new edition every Thursday at 2:30 USA CDT and stay open until the next edition starts.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Skywatch Friday - 6 September 2018 Edition


Welcome to the first Skywatch Friday of September. We're still waiting for the weather to break in Oklahoma. I'm not worried, it will be cool soon enough. 

We start every Thursday at 2:30 CDT USA and keep going for seven days until the next edition.