How to participate!

It's pretty easy to take part.

Here's what you need:

  1. Your own Blog/Website, where you can post your Skywatch image.
  2. A post with your Skywatch image
  3. This post needs to be clearly identified as a post for Skywatch
    (either in the title or visibly in the tags)
  4. A link back to to invite your visitors
    to visit Skywatch or even participate
    (that can be via text or image)
  5. Please do check the rules below
Once that's done and in place visit the main page.
(Please note that Skywatch is a weekly meme.  It is available from Thursday 2:30pm (EST), 19:30 (GMT) every week until the next Thursday 10 am (EST),  15:30 (GMT). )

Look for the inlinkz button, click and enter your
NAME (only your name and if you'd like the country)
EMAIL (will only be used by us, if there is a problem with your Post)

Then follow the instructions - and you're all set. Your link will appear on the Skywatch page.

And then head out and explore the skies of the world by visiting AND commenting
other sites and contributions. Don't forget to leave a comment on the Skywatch site, too!

Now - there are a few Rules that we enforce, and that we ask you to follow.

  1. Only one post per URL per week
  2. Since it is a family friendly meme - we don't allow depictions of
    violence, nudity, and any kind of offensive/extremist material.
  3. Skywatch is strictly non-commercial. We do not advertise not do
    we show advertisements on our site. So we will equally not allow
    for Skywatch being used for any form of advertisement, promotions
    of ANY kind or endorsements.
  4. Commercial sites and sites with paid reviews/ paid for content are required to have our permission to participate.
  5. The image(s) you show for Skywatch have to be yours. We don't allow content, that
    is snatched from other sites.

Skywatch gives you quite a bit of latitude - on what kind of images can be shown.
From classic sunsets to using the sky as a backdrop for your image almost everything is possible. Almost? Yes - the moment your image leaves the range of being family friendly, chances are that we will remove your entry. But that is not really a big issue - has happened only once or twice in thousands of submissions. It is also quite obvious that it should be your own image (or that of a family member or close friend), that you have the right to publish.
Please do not! snatch images from the internet to show as Skywatch contribution. Where's the fun in that?

NOTE: While Skywatch posts should not be combined with other memes, we're pretty relaxed about that. However, we will not accept Skywatch Friday contributions, that link to Memes that copy the original Skywatch Friday concept and take advantage of our efforts and hard work. We reserve the right to delete links at our discretion.