Thursday, September 4, 2014

Skywatch Friday - National Eat an Extra Desert Day Edtion


Hey there Skywatchers!  This is your lucky day, it is Eat an Extra Desert Day!! So go ahead and have two deserts today. I plan on having a little ice cream to begin with.


And then, I don't know,

You guys enjoy your funnel cakes.  I am having chocolate souffle.  Too rainy outside for the cricket pizza.  Maybe next year.

Maybe a little cake with whipped cream? A little much maybe, but not when you consider we have never had Eat an Extra Desert Day on Skywatch Friday before.

What are you going to have for your two deserts today? Drop me a line at yogiabb (at) yahoo (dot) com and tell me.

Okay, back to business:

Welcome to Skywatch Friday where people from all over the world post great photographs of the sky in their part of the world. Your Skywatch Friday hosts are Yogi, Sylvia and Sandy