Thursday, February 2, 2017

Skywatch Friday - Groundhog Day 2017 Edition


Time for another edition of Skywatch Friday. Thursday is Groundhog Day and of course I have 60,000 photographs and not one of a groundhog but how about meerkats? You know they come out and look around all the time and surely they and groundhogs look at their shadows, or lack of shadows all the time.

San Diego Zoo, 2010

So post your sky photographs and let us know if your local groundhogs or meerkats or other critter saw their shadow so we can figure out how much more Winter we have coming. Here in Oklahoma we haven't had much weather and I could use a little more but I don't want any ice. So I'm being kind of picky. How about you? Have you had enough winter yet? For our southern hemisphere friends tell us about your summer. Personally, I have never had too much summer, ever.

Thank you for participating!! Sandy, Sylvia, and Yogi are your co-hosts. I heard from Sylvia last week and she thinks she might be posting again!! That is great news.