Thursday, March 9, 2017

Skywatch Friday - Time Change Edition

Centennial Park Clock.jpg

Here in the US we are "Springing Forward" one hour on Sunday morning. Oh happy day. I love the extra hour after work!! I can go trailrunning on Turkey Mountain, something I don't like doing in the dark. I know not everybody is sold on the benefits. My mother, who I loved very much. hated the concept. She would tell me that she lost an hour of sleep every night. I'd tell it would even out in the Fall when we went back to normal time. And she said, yes, but that was for only one night. It was hard to win an argument with my mother. I know I never did.

Sorry, I got carried away, this isn't an old boring family history blog meme. It is Skywatch Friday where we are supposed to meet and make links to our posts with sky photographs. Thank you for participating and please visit as many participants as you can.