Thursday, October 5, 2017

Skywatch Friday - First October 2017 Edition


Happy Skywatching Everybody!! We are moving into October and I notice that fellow bloggers, facebookers, and instagrammers in Canada and the Rocky Mountains are already posting snow! Down here in Oklahoma most of us are still running our air conditioners. Things should be warming up for our southern hemisphere Skywatchers.

Thank you for participating. For those that are new, we start a new edition of Skywatch Friday every Thursday at 2:30 PM US CDT and keep it going all week. I notice now that lots of people now link their Skywatch posts on Fridays. Imagine that in photoblog world? Everything always seems a day off.

Anyways link your post with the linky below and try and visit as many other Skywatchers as you can. Lots and lots of skill and creativity on display here.