Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sky Watch 7

This weeks guest intro comes from 'Nonizamboni'

For sure the sky leads a colorful life of its own—from its glorious reflection of the sun’s rising each morning, its gathering and release of illusive clouds or the blanching by a scorching sun at mid-day until the finale when the sun quietly--or just as brilliantly--descends into repose, whispering memories of the day across the horizon. I believe it is healthy for our eyes, and our soul, to look up once in awhile, scan the horizon, wish on rainbows and maybe figure out what those clouds really look like. It is even more amazing to imagine the all the different sky views through the eyes of so many likeminded photographers who post their ‘viewpoint’ every week on SkyWatch Friday.

To me, seeing the sky reflected in water is a bonus so it is always rewarding to post what I see around Minnesota lakes. The sky is big here and all this water attracts visiting water fowl and birds. After all, the state motto is ‘land of 10,000 lakes.’ Each Friday I look forward to sharing what I’ve seen, knowing I’ll have so many beautiful sky views to visit plus the friendly greetings and encouragement from my fellow sky watchers. All this just by looking up at the sky!

"...from the sky, from the earth, from a
scrap of paper, from a passing shape,
from a spider's web.. We must pick out what
is good for us where we can find it."
Pablo Picasso


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sky Watch 6

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Starts All Over Again

Thursday 28th August

07.30pm GMT

Thank you!
The Sky Watch Team

Tom, Sandy, IMAC & Klaus

This weeks intro is from our guest Thomas Deep, known to many as the 'Fishing Guy'
Sky Watch is my favorite place to be on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday I want to be on the lake with a chance to catch some fish. I take a good camera everywhere, but have one simple one with me on the boat to see what I might find. The people running Sky Watch are the greatest group of guys and gals and I'm happy to count them as my friends. Here is my offering with a poem for the occasion.

The waning Moon is setting in the West-
with a beautiful lake sitting below.

My boat's at the dock prepared-
for a fishing trip, I do love it so.

The weather's perfect for the fun-
to try to catch some fish.

I certainly hope that I will find-
the Crappie biting as I wish.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sky Watch 5

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Tom here...

Something new to Sky Watch this week! Sky Watch is only as good as the folks, that take part. Your posts and pictures make Sky Watch as good as it is.
With that in our mind, the team here at Sky Watch thought a good way to say a "Thank You " to you all - is to occasionally invite some of you to do the intro. This will be done from time to time and each team member will pick someone from the list. This is not to award or show favour , but just a plain old fashioned way to say: "Well done! We appreciate you being here!.
This week we invited Elaine Ling from Napaboaniya - so all I need to do now is hand you all over to Elaine!

" Participating in Sky Watch has been a great pleasure. Viewing the sky, clouds, sun rise, sun set from all round the world gives me endless sights I might never ever have the chance to view with my naked eye.
Here's sharing a picture of sun set taken right from my window. The sun set I view each day from my window, tells me it's almost the end of the day and watching the sun go down allows me to reflect for a moment if my day was spent worthwhile. What are your thoughts when you view the sun set? "
Elaine Ling

"Know where to find the sunrise and sunset times

and note how the sky looks at those times, at least once."

Marilyn vos Savant

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Skywatch 4 - Have a little Zen Moment

Today's Skywatch Intro was written by Klaus @ Virtua Gallery
A while ago I ran into this Website, where a guy showed nothing but sunsets. Hundreds, thousands! To be precise every sunset seen from his house since 1975. The Great Grandpa of skywatchers, huh? But it did get me thinking (have to admit it did hurt somewhat), but I did it anyway.
How much time do we actually tuck away for things like that? Almost anywhere in the world our sun sets pretty regular and as far as I know on pretty much a daily basis, whether you live in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe or the Americas. When did you go out last with the intent to catch yourself a sunset - or a sunrise?
I know my last is quite a while ago (and I'm not talking vacation shots!) And the funny thing is - I have to walk about 800 feet to get to the place where I shot this one. Just sitting down, watching the sun doing her thing and (dis)appear not only is a beautiful thing - it also is that kind of moment, that clears your head, relaxes you and allows you to think - a Zen Moment.
So go out and get yourself some of those. It's worth it!