Thursday, December 25, 2008

Skywatch Friday No.24

Hello Skywatchers!
Glad you're on board again!

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The last Skywatch for the year!
Enjoy the holidays and be safe!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Skywatch Friday No.23

Hello Skywatchers!
Glad you're on board again!

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Today's Guest host is Lionsmane!

This picture was taken about two weeks ago. Just another brilliant New Mexico sunset. It is amazing how the New Mexico sky is constantly putting on a show. I find it incredibly easy to find pictures for SkyWatch Friday since the New Mexico skies are always presenting picture perfect opportunities.


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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Skywatch Friday No.22

Hello Skywatchers!
Glad you're on board again!

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Today's Guest host is IMAC.

HOLD the front page - Breaking News -(not the mirror I hope)
Mirror Mirror - on the wall - who is the fairest or them all?
Its my Dear Wife - Julie (on the far left)
Who's the Photographer?
Yours truly.

Have a Happy Skywatch weekend My Blogging Friends.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Skywatch Friday No.21

Hello Skywatchers!
Glad you're on board again!

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Today's Guest host is Linda from the 7MSN Ranch.

Alan and George take a moment to pose under the double rainbow.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Skywatch Friday No. 20

Hello Skywatchers!
Glad you're on board again!

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Today we want you to get on the Skywatch Front Page with your best Skywatch image!

Interested? Drop us a note and we send you the info on how to make the headlines! ;) Please make your request via eMail only and do not send images right away. Please wait until you receive our response.

skywatchmyworld AT gmail DOT com

Happy Skywatching, everyone!

Of course we can't get Skywatch rolling without a proper Sky Image. So here we go!

Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate it today!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Skywatch Friday No. 19

Hello Skywatchers! Glad you're on board again!

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Public Service announcement! #1

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Public Service announcement! #2

At the same time we would like to remind you, to read and follow the rules. These rules are there, to provide you - the visitor with a pleasant experience. We want to make sure, that every participant has equal chances to be visited. We do not want you to run into commercial sites, that try to take advantage of you, in sites, that sign up, but don't have any Skywatch or MyWorld content, or that let you search for a post, that you came to see. So please! If you sign up, mark your Post as a Skywatch or MyWorld post and provide a link back to the Skywatch or MyWorld site, to invite others to join or watch. If you have a commercial site (reviews, Ads etc.), please ask for permission to join, before signing up.
If you have questions, or if you find your link has been removed - you can contact us at skywatchmyworld AT gmail DOT com.

Happy Skywatching, everyone!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Skywatch Friday No. 18

Hello Skywatchers! Glad you're on board again!

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Our today's host is our very own Wrenessaince Woman - or short Wren, who joined the Skywatch and Myworld team.

Even though I first joined this meme less than six months ago, it's rapidly become a regular and favorite part of my blogging world. So simple, it sounds, to just post a photo which shows the sky. And yet ... I think of the sky, the world, and my photos differently now.

This photo is one from our recent visit to Paris. The blue background is 100% pure blue French sky. I like the balance of the distant church and the nearby light post, and the topsy-turvy relative sizes.

I am most pleased to be joining the Skywatch team and helping to bring this meme into being each week. Thank you for joining us, for sharing your photos, and for being part of our community. Happy Skywatching, everyone!

Please do read the rules, before you post!

Thank you for being part of the Skywatch Community!
Your Skywatch Team:
| Sandy | Ivar | Wren | Fishing Guy| Louise

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Skywatch Friday No. 17

Welcome Skywatchers!

I'm glad to announce that we have an addition to our team! Louise is joining the team of Skywatch and MyWorld! Give her a warm welcome!

And - like in MyWorld - we added the Followers Gadget at the bottom of each page - to make it easier for you to keep track of Skywatch!

But now I hand over to the dweliciously knowledgeable DewDrops - our Sky Goddess for another of her great Sky lessons!

Time for another post for the Skywatch 101 Series...
Here's lesson five. I have chosen a pyrocumulus cloud that I captured from an airplane as we flew by a fire on the ground.

Pyrocumulus Clouds

A pyrocumulus cloud is produced by the intense heating of the air from the surface. The intense heat induces convection which causes the air mass to rise to a point of stability, usually in the presence of moisture. Phenomena such as volcanic eruptions, forest fires, and occasionally industrial activities can induce formation of this cloud. Pyrocumuli contain severe turbulence which also results in strong gusts at the surface which can exacerbate a large conflagration. Large pyrocumuli can contain temperatures well below freezing, and the electrostatic properties of any ice that forms may also play a role. A pyrocumulus which produces lightning is actually a type of cumulonimbus, a thundercloud and is called pyrocumulonimbus.

Info Source
This shot was taken flying out of Memphis, TN, in June 2008.

Lesson prepared and photograph taken by Dewdrop (aka Jennifer Bilak)

Thank you for being part of the Skywatch Community!
Your Skywatch Team:
| Sandy | Ivar | Wren | Fishing Guy| Louise

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sky Watch No.16

Hello one and all.... what a journey this as been for me. Each week for a while now I have had the pleasure to start the ball rolling here at Sky Watch HQ.. Each week was a journey around the world to look at your Sky pictures... and very enjoyable it was, too. It is said that all good things come to an end, and in my case it as ..... this will be my last posting for Sky Watch and blogging in general. I have got to the stage where I need to step back from blogging, and manage my free time better. I have a winter project to start shortly which will keep me busy and away from the PC.. Our beloved 1968/9 Land rover is having a bit of a rebuild and a 'recon engine' fitted. I will find this hard going but it is something that means a great deal to Jane and I. We towed it to the workshop today and it now awaits mine and Jane's tender loving care...

Thank you all for being out there, thanks for your contact, your comments and concern when I've been ill.... and most of all thank you all for your friendship. I'm sure I'll pop up from time to time to comment and to say hello.

Now it's time to hand you over to the very capable hands of the Sky Watch Team.... keep posting and enjoying.


I think I speak not only for the Team, but also for all who take part in Skywatch Friday, when I say that you will be sorely missed. It always has been a pleasure and you have become a friend.
It's an honor, that you hand the reigns over to me. The Team and I will do our best to keep Skywatch Friday, what you made it. A fun place where people share their unique views of skies all over the world. And let's not forget IMAC, who did also "retire" - his input and help was very
valuable for each and everyone of us. So - for the both of you - enjoy your retirement! Be healthy and stick your head through the door from time to time to say "hi!".

Thank you, for being part of the Skywatch Community!

Your Skywatch Team:
Klaus | Sandy | Ivar | Wren | Fishing Guy

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Skywatch Friday No. 15

Hi Skywatchers!
Tom - our Headhoncho is sitting this one out - he is taking a well deserved break. Now the rest of the team - without adult supervision will go totally crazy today and we will do irresponsible stuff, like - let's say - have Dewdrop post another of her wonderful Sky Lessons - and then we will just go out and wildly visit your sites! That'll teach Tom a lesson or two, to let us be with out supervision! ;)

Lesson prepared and photograph taken by
(aka Jennifer Bilak)

Time for another post for the Skywatch 101 Series... Here's lesson four. I have chosen my favorite sun dog shot.

Sun dogs

A sun dog or sundog (scientific name parhelion, plural parhelia, for "beside the sun") is a common bright circular spot on a solar halo. It is an atmospheric optical phenomenon primarily associated with the reflection or refraction of sunlight by small ice crystals making up cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. Often, two sun dogs can be seen (one on each side of the sun) simultaneously. Sundogs typically, but not exclusively, appear when the sun is low, e.g. at sunrise and sunset, and the atmosphere is filled with ice crystal forming cirrus clouds, but diamond dust and ice fog can also produce them. Sometimes they exhibit a spectrum of colours, ranging from red closest to the sun to a pale bluish tail stretching away from the sun.[1] White sundogs are caused by light reflected off of atmospheric ice crystals, while colored sundogs are caused by light refracted through them.


This shot was taken close to sunset a few days after Thanksgiving back in 2006.

Thank you!
The Sky Watch Team
Tom, Sandy, IMAC , Klaus, Ivar, Wren & Fishing Guy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skywatch Friday No. 14

A lot of news today! For one - two more Team Members have joined the team - most of you do know Fishing Guy and Wren! With so many participants coming up week after week, more eyes are always a good thing to have. So welcome both!

The other news is even more exiting.

Skywatch has a Sibling!

PJoin MyWorl Tuesday

The same crew of people that bring you Skywatch are adding a second meme. MY WORLD Tuesday.
As limitless as Skywatch, the idea behind MY WORLD is simple. Show us your world! Your Necks of the woods. Show us what makes the area you are living in, interesting. Be our Tourist Guide.
While we don't expect long articles, it would be nice if you would write some words in your post, describing what we are seeing. Your Halloween rites, the landmarks of your area, your celebrations, your home, your neighborhood, your state - all is fair game in MY WORLD Tuesday.

The inaugural Issue will start on Monday, October 20th, 8pm GMT ( 3pm EST ).
The URL is:
Head over and let us know how you like the idea - and if you have some of your own - don't hold back! Let us know. Procedures will be the same as in Skywatch, Badges for your site are available for download, Help is available - so no new tricks to learn. ;)
Just one. Since it is about Your World, we ask you to sign in to Mr. Linky with your name and country (and of course your URL). Like so: Jane Doe, Netherlands or John Doe, Australia.

The Team (Tom, Sandy, Imac, Klaus, Ivar, Wren & Fishing Guy) hopes that you will stop by, take a look, leave us your thoughts and suggestions and join us Monday Evening!

But now - without further delay - let's get the Skywatch Baby on the road!
And I do that with a wonderful Sunset, that happens over several "States" at the same time. The image shows Disney's Epcot "World's Showcase" in Orlando, Florida. From left to right:

United States, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico.

Skywatch is brought to you by:
The Sky Watch Team
Tom, Sandy, IMAC , Klaus, Ivar, Wren & Fishing Guy

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sky Watch No.13

I get all the good jobs at Sky Watch.... like this one today where I get to introduce our latest Sky Watch Team member... So without more ado I shall hand you over to Ivar......

First of all I must say thank you to the Team. They wanted me as a new Team member and I couldn't say no.
I shot this picture from the top of a small mountain. The clouds are very low and this makes it special I think.

I started blogging this summer and I find SWF very interesting. Now it is "a must" every week. Blogging has changed the way I look at things. Every day I say to my self....' will this be a good shot.. can I post this....? '. When I look up to the sky I am having SWF in my mind. It is a pleasure to visit other SWF posts around the world. Many great photos every week. Keep up the good work bloggers :-)

Have a very nice SWF and a beautiful weekend.

Ivar Ivrig Norway

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sky Watch No. 12

Continuing with the Skywatch cloud formation lesson... it's over to our very own Storm Chaser Dew Drop

I have chosen a shot with Crepuscular Rays (sun rays, God's rays or fingers of God).

Crepuscular Rays Crepuscular rays, in atmospheric optics, are rays of sunlight that appear to radiate from a single point in the sky. These rays, which stream through gaps in clouds or between other objects, are diverging columns of sunlit air separated by darker cloud-shadowed regions. The name comes from their frequent occurrences during crepuscular hours (those being dawn and dusk), when the contrasts between light and dark are the most obvious. Various airborne compounds scatter the sunlight and make these rays visible, due to diffraction, reflection, and scattering. Crepuscular rays are near-parallel, but appear to diverge because of linear perspective. They often occur when objects such as mountain peaks or clouds partially shadow the sun's rays like a cloud cover. ~source

My daughter once told me that these were a sign of souls of the deceased being lifted up into Heaven.
Lesson prepared and photograph taken by Dewdrop

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sky Watch No.11

Lesson prepared and photograph taken
(aka Jennifer Bilak)

Following on from last it's time for lesson two. I have chosen an Arcus Cloud, specifically a Shelf Cloud.

Shelf cloud A shelf cloud is a low, horizontal wedge-shaped arcus cloud. A shelf cloud is attached to the base of the parent cloud (usually a thunderstorm). Rising cloud motion often can be seen in the leading (outer) part of the shelf cloud, while the underside often appears turbulent and wind-torn. Occasionally people see a shelf cloud and think they have seen a wall cloud, which is an easy mistake, since an approaching shelf cloud appears to form a wall made of cloud. Generally speaking, a shelf cloud appears on the leading edge of a storm, and a wall cloud will usually be at the rear of the storm. ~source

This specific cloud produced a monstrous sand storm that embedded sand in my scalp... It was incredibly beautiful. What a thrilling experience!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sky Watch No.10

Today we have something a bit different... instead of the usual Sky Watch intro we thought we'd ask our very own Sky Watch 'Storm Chaser' (DEWDROP) to come up with a simple lessons on cloud formations... I'm sure there will be some who know all this already but it's always good to share knowledge and I'm convinced that these posting will be well received. So it's over to Dewdrop to start the ball rolling.

It is such an honor to be a part of such a wonderful, worldwide blogging phenomenon, as Sky Watch "Fridays". Through this wonderful event and all the phenomenal participants, we get the rare privilege of viewing skies all across the globe. Because of Sky Watch "Fridays", we have people everywhere looking at the sky and appreciating its beauty and wonder, what a magnificent work of art... I was honored when Tom, our wonderful co-host, asked me to prepare a Sky Watch series of lessons, helping everyone to learn a little something about what they are seeing. For lesson one, I have chosen a Cumulonimbus Cloud Structure, specifically Cumulonimbus Calvus.

Cumulonimbus calvus is a moderately tall cumulonimbus cloud which is capable of precipitation, but has not yet reached the height where it forms into a cumulonimbus capillatus (fibrous-top) or cumulonimbus incus (anvil-top). Cumulonimbus calvus develops from cumulus congestus, and its further development under auspicious conditions will result in cumulonimbus capillatus. This cloud consists mainly of water droplets. By definition of cumulonimbus cloud, at its top water droplets are transformed into ice crystals, but for cumulonimbus calvus content of ice crystals is small and freezing is in early stage, so cloud top still looks round and puffy. Cumulonimbus calvus is characterized by distinctive (between other types of cumulonimbus cloud) rounded shape and relatively sharp edges of its top area, unlike cumulonimbus incus or cumulonimbus capillatus, which have cirriform tops. Developing cumulonimbus calvus loses sharp outlines of the top as more water droplets transform into ice crystals. Strong updrafts may form pileus or thin vertical stripes protruding upwards out of the cloud. When upper part of the cloud freezes to greater extent and clearly visible cirriforms appears, cumulonimbus calvus turns into another species of Cumulonimbus .

This specific cloud produced a lovely light show with a full hour of cloud to cloud lightning filling its insides. Lesson prepared and photograph taken by Dewdrop (aka Jennifer Bilak)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sky Watch No. 9

This weeks guest is Scotty Graham

Blogging can be a lonely world when starting out. At first, only family drops by to see your photo of the day or to read what is going on in your world. Sometimes, an occasional friend stops by for a brief visit. Then, as time goes on, someone special drops in by mistake. That someone special for me was the famous man from Portugal, Quint. You all know Quint…he has visited all of you at some time and left a touching, personal note. I don’t know how Quint found my blog, but he liked what he saw, visited me daily, commented, and then told his friends about me. Soon after, another special person dropped by to visit and have a look….that was Tom…and you all know which “Tom” I am talking about…Quint and Tom quickly became by best blogging buddies. Shortly after, I was introduced to Skywatch Friday. The rest, as they say, is history…

Skywatch Friday is not just about posting and showing your favorite photos of the sky. It is about people. This small community (growing leaps and bounds) of 300 or so folks is a remarkable collection of people from all over the world…truly nice people from all walks of life. I wake up every Friday at 1:30am (due to my time zone), turn on my computer, and wait for my very slow internet connection to sign-on to Tom’s site for another addition of Skywatch Friday. When I get there, there are already 20 or more eager people on the list ready for Skywatch. Why the rush? Well, because we all can’t wait to visit each other and see what is in store...a quick trip around the world, and a chance to meet new friends….it is something that I really look forward to every week. Blogging is no longer a lonely world thanks to Skywatch Friday!

So, this week, I am honored to be your guest “greeter”…thanks Tom, Klaus (another great blogging buddy), Sandy and imac for the opportunity. As Tom says every week, make an effort to visit new people on the list, give them a warm welcome, and don’t forget to visit your old friends from time to time to say, “Hello” and to see their sky in their little piece of the world. I hope to meet all of you some day, stop by for a visit any time…

My Skywatch photo below is one of my favorites…Funny story about this photo…I had set up my tripod ready for the sunrise…it was freezing, and I had to set up my camera on a dangerous ledge overlooking the crater. I took a few hundred shots, using my arsenal of lenses, and none came out very well. On the way down the mountain, I pulled over to the side of the road, and quickly snapped this photo hand held. It turned out to be the best shot of the day…so much for all the preparation…

Scotty Graham
Have a great weekend!!
Scotty Graham

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sky Watch No.8

This weeks Guest Intro was written by Gailsman

"The sky. We all have one above us, no matter where we are in the world. Besides air and water, the sky is one of the few things on planet Earth that shows no discrimination. Rich; poor; black; white; genius or dunce, that blue band that stops the air from floating out into space is exactly the same, whether you're living in Sydney like Sally, Brookville like Abraham Lincoln, Jilly in Monte Carlo or Nottingham like me. The only difference is the type of weather that it brings to us. Sunshine, rain, snow or wind. We get it all. The big difference is how much and when. Perhaps we should stop looking upwards and moaning about what the day is like, but thank the sky for those white clouds that aren't dark. Hiding the sun from the parched ground, or bringing snow, so someone can enjoy being out in it. So what photo to show? Most people seem to think that there's nothing like the English countryside. The colours, the trees, the landscape. So that's what I'm showing you all in this introduction. Look at it, then take a look at your own sky and think about why it's there and what it means to you."

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sky Watch 7

This weeks guest intro comes from 'Nonizamboni'

For sure the sky leads a colorful life of its own—from its glorious reflection of the sun’s rising each morning, its gathering and release of illusive clouds or the blanching by a scorching sun at mid-day until the finale when the sun quietly--or just as brilliantly--descends into repose, whispering memories of the day across the horizon. I believe it is healthy for our eyes, and our soul, to look up once in awhile, scan the horizon, wish on rainbows and maybe figure out what those clouds really look like. It is even more amazing to imagine the all the different sky views through the eyes of so many likeminded photographers who post their ‘viewpoint’ every week on SkyWatch Friday.

To me, seeing the sky reflected in water is a bonus so it is always rewarding to post what I see around Minnesota lakes. The sky is big here and all this water attracts visiting water fowl and birds. After all, the state motto is ‘land of 10,000 lakes.’ Each Friday I look forward to sharing what I’ve seen, knowing I’ll have so many beautiful sky views to visit plus the friendly greetings and encouragement from my fellow sky watchers. All this just by looking up at the sky!

"...from the sky, from the earth, from a
scrap of paper, from a passing shape,
from a spider's web.. We must pick out what
is good for us where we can find it."
Pablo Picasso


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sky Watch 6

378 Links have been reset
Starts All Over Again

Thursday 28th August

07.30pm GMT

Thank you!
The Sky Watch Team

Tom, Sandy, IMAC & Klaus

This weeks intro is from our guest Thomas Deep, known to many as the 'Fishing Guy'
Sky Watch is my favorite place to be on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday I want to be on the lake with a chance to catch some fish. I take a good camera everywhere, but have one simple one with me on the boat to see what I might find. The people running Sky Watch are the greatest group of guys and gals and I'm happy to count them as my friends. Here is my offering with a poem for the occasion.

The waning Moon is setting in the West-
with a beautiful lake sitting below.

My boat's at the dock prepared-
for a fishing trip, I do love it so.

The weather's perfect for the fun-
to try to catch some fish.

I certainly hope that I will find-
the Crappie biting as I wish.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sky Watch 5

373 Links have been reset

Tom here...

Something new to Sky Watch this week! Sky Watch is only as good as the folks, that take part. Your posts and pictures make Sky Watch as good as it is.
With that in our mind, the team here at Sky Watch thought a good way to say a "Thank You " to you all - is to occasionally invite some of you to do the intro. This will be done from time to time and each team member will pick someone from the list. This is not to award or show favour , but just a plain old fashioned way to say: "Well done! We appreciate you being here!.
This week we invited Elaine Ling from Napaboaniya - so all I need to do now is hand you all over to Elaine!

" Participating in Sky Watch has been a great pleasure. Viewing the sky, clouds, sun rise, sun set from all round the world gives me endless sights I might never ever have the chance to view with my naked eye.
Here's sharing a picture of sun set taken right from my window. The sun set I view each day from my window, tells me it's almost the end of the day and watching the sun go down allows me to reflect for a moment if my day was spent worthwhile. What are your thoughts when you view the sun set? "
Elaine Ling

"Know where to find the sunrise and sunset times

and note how the sky looks at those times, at least once."

Marilyn vos Savant

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Skywatch 4 - Have a little Zen Moment

Today's Skywatch Intro was written by Klaus @ Virtua Gallery
A while ago I ran into this Website, where a guy showed nothing but sunsets. Hundreds, thousands! To be precise every sunset seen from his house since 1975. The Great Grandpa of skywatchers, huh? But it did get me thinking (have to admit it did hurt somewhat), but I did it anyway.
How much time do we actually tuck away for things like that? Almost anywhere in the world our sun sets pretty regular and as far as I know on pretty much a daily basis, whether you live in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe or the Americas. When did you go out last with the intent to catch yourself a sunset - or a sunrise?
I know my last is quite a while ago (and I'm not talking vacation shots!) And the funny thing is - I have to walk about 800 feet to get to the place where I shot this one. Just sitting down, watching the sun doing her thing and (dis)appear not only is a beautiful thing - it also is that kind of moment, that clears your head, relaxes you and allows you to think - a Zen Moment.
So go out and get yourself some of those. It's worth it!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sky Watch 3: It's All Good.

SandyCarlson writes:
My daughter Adella, who is nine, gave me this photo of a stable in Southbury, Connecticut, USA, for this post. She has been participating in Sky Watch for the past few weeks and enjoying the interaction with so many good people as she travels the world via this site. You who have left her comments have been very gracious and encouraging; in turn, she is becoming more and more excited about digital photography as well as about the simple acts of looking up and sharing what she sees.

This is the magic of Sky Watch. We have a simple agenda: to share a picture of our skies and to spread friendship.

Though Adella may be the youngest Sky Watcher, she is not the only young one. Rachel also brings her youth and exuberance to this weekly event. There are also grandparents and great-grandparents among us. I think it's wonderful that this activity can and does include people from every age group and from around the world. It's all good.

Thanks for being here,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Step Right In To Skywatch (2)

My Opening Photo+Poem for Skywatch Blog Week (2) is of QUEEN ELIZABETH PARK - GRANTHAM. ------- Please excuse the quality of the Photo and the Poem. As you can see the Poem was written in 1994 and the photo was taken in around 1990. This Photo won me the competition in 2000 in Germany at Sankt-Augustin -- Grantham's Twin Town -- with my name inscribed on the Silver Plate and a certificate for me to keep(the winner holds the plate for a year).

Well here we are the 2nd Week of Skywatch Blog- -- It seems only yesterday that we were waiting -with bated breath- - at 7.30pm Thurs eve to see how new Skywatch Blog went, and if Posting worked. ( A nail biting 10 minutes) --------- Well it exceeded beyond all hope - with 326 posts. The Team (TOM - SANDY - KLAUS - IMAC) would like to THANK one and all for your posts which made SKYWATCH BLOG a Great success.-----Keep up your good work and most important enjoy yourselves.

Please be aware this is a family site and children will be viewing - also please mention Skywatch as you post your SKY Photos - Thank you.


All 327 Links Now Removed
Starts again tonight
Thursday 31st July
07.30pm GMT
Thank you
The Sky Watch Team

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Step Right In

Welcome to the 'New' home of Sky Watch Friday.

After I was ill last week I realised that things had to change a little, I needed helpers. While blogging and hosting Sky Watch I have had advice, help and friendship from many... but two people stood out.. Imac and Sandy Carlson. So I was pleased when they excepted the offer to form a Sky Watch team. At the same time I thought a new blog was in order and when I'd mentioned this before I was contacted off another Sky Watcher Klaus who offered to do the design of the blog... how good was that of him. Not just that but at my request he designed it around the above picture taken by Jane on the way back from our resent drive out to Bakewell. There's New Icons to go with the New layout which are in the post below and are free to use. If you want to use your own or keep Dot's original please do so. Nothing else as changed, same fun format, same rules as can be viewed below the header. I want to thank all who post here this week for the support and kindness shown to Jane last week in my absence... Now then ... lets get down to Sky Watching from around the globe :O) Step Right In!

The Sky Watch Team

Like a rose between two thorns
328 Links have been reset
Starts again tonight
Thursday 24th July
07.30pm GMT
Thank you
The Sky Watch Team

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is your place to get questions answered that you may have.

Just fire away!

We did away with comments, for the comment section got way too long, to be useful.
With our new form we will get your questions right away and can answer them

IMPORTANT! If you have a question, that is specific to your site, you need
to add your Website Address in the Message field, so that we can check the

Thanks - Your Skywatch Team !
In case you encounter problems, when using Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera,
Scroll down and use the text link: "Contact the Skywatch Team" at the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT! Click the link "Contact the Skywatch Team" below, to open the form!

SWF Netiquette

Skywatch Friday is there to have fun. It is all about the visitors and their Skywatch Experience.
We - as the team don't really want to put out a bunch of big rules and then go around and police them. Instead we suggest a Netiquette - a voluntary code of conduct - that should provide a comfortable environment for viewers, participants and commenters alike.

You're welcome to put your link in at any time during the week. But please - have your Skywatch post posted, BEFORE you do. Note that all links will be taken off, when a new round begins.

You can link several times, if you have several sites with individual (but not identical) SWF posts. Please do not link more than once per site.

Anyone who participates in SWF probably noted an increase in comments. That is a neat and welcomed side effect of SWF's popularity. So return the favor! Go visit other participants and comment on their efforts. The more sites you do visit, the more comments you will probably get. So - the post and run participant will not fare well, while those who get actively involved and contribute their comments to this community, will find a lot of visitors.

Unfortunately there always be some bad apples, that try to take advantage of SWF's success and to harness that to gather link popularity, or to solicit their site, services etc. We're not really happy about that and will remove the obvious attempts - like linking to commercial sites, sites with no SWF content, multiple links to identical sites etc.
Your input is very welcome to identify the black sheep! ;)

Just to clarify the issue of links being removed.
1. If there is no Skywatch Post - we remove. So please post BEFORE you link.
2. If there is no indication that it is a Skywatch post - even if it shows the sky.
Please mark your post as a Skywatch Post and do link back to the main Skywatch site.
(So that visitors have the chance to see more images by skywatchers or even participate)
3. If the site you post on is not a regular Photo Blog of sorts (basically the skywatch
image is the only Photopost around on several pages), and is clearly a site, that is
commercially oriented (Paid reviews, Sales of Products and Services, Link Exchange,
Traffic Booster etc.) we probably will remove your link, even if the Skywatch post itself might be ok.
While Skywatch usually increases your visitor count - we don't like to send you visitors, if
you try to get them only to show your commercial offerings, up your ratings or things of that
4. If you as a skywatcher use commenting, to solicit business, chances are, that we will take
down your link. Skywatch is strictly non-commercial, non -profit. Please respect that and the
efforts of all 300+ Skywatch participants and don't try to exploit this meme for commercial gain.

And if you comment - be kind and don't do the copy and past kind of commenting. It's not really polite, we think. Don't solicit visits to your site. Usually people go and visit those who comment on their own posts anyway. Besides - don't you think it looks kind of weird if you see 20 comments and everyone says: "Come visit me!" ?

Again - we're not policing it and aside from obvious misbehaviour are not going to do anything about it.

So go out and visit others and comment!

But if you do encounter problems, we will try to help sort it out.
If you have a content related problem, contact Tom, IMAC, or Sandy, if it's technical, ask Klaus.

We closed the post for comments. Questions can be fielded on the Questions page.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Badges and Images

Feel free to use these images to link to Skywatch!

Because we do not have enough bandwidth available we can not provide gadget code.

Just copy the image(s) of your choice to your computer and upload it to your site,
linking it to

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Da Rulez

Ok - just to put one thing forward. We created a few rules, to make Skywatch workable for all.
We're no pea counters or hair splitters and we don't need perfection.
But to provide a nice experience for all involved - some rules needed to be put in place and we ask you the nicest way we can, to follow them - and we will even explain, why we have them.

Skywatch gives you quite a bit of latitude - on what kind of images can be shown.
From classic sunsets to using the sky as a backdrop for your image almost everything is possible. Almost? Yes - the moment your image leaves the range of being family friendly, chances are that we will remove your entry. But that is not really a big issue - has happened only once or twice in thousands of submissions. It is also quite obvious that it should be your own image (or that of a family member or close friend), that you have the right to publish.
Please do not! snatch images from the internet to show as Skywatch contribution. Where's the fun in that?

NOTE: While Skywatch posts should not be combined with other memes, we're pretty relaxed about that. However, we will not accept Skywatch Friday contributions, that link to Memes that copy the original Skywatch Friday concept
and take advantage of our efforts and hard work and we reserve the right to delete links at our discretion.

And now for the Rules:

1. Have your Skywatch post posted on your Website BEFORE entering in Mr. Linky.
Why? Visitors come to see a Skywatch Post. So standing them up is not very nice!

2. You have a Skywatch post. Right? So please mark it as a Skywatch Post!
Why? That pretty much is self explanatory. You can note that in the title or at the beginning of the text.

3. Invite others to watch and join with a link back to the main Skywatch Site.
Why? We have no commercial interest in ranking of search engines. We don't place ads or take any advantage
of you linking to us - other than promoting the Skywatch community itself. You yourself probably came to Skywatch
first, because you clicked a link back. Right? So please, be a sport and invite others, too! If you have a badge with link in the sidebar - point it out! You don't NEED to have an image or a badge, though it is cooler. But saying something like:
Go and check out more Skywatch images at the Skywatch Site! will do!

4. Take the time and check your Link entry for errors BEFORE you submit!
Why? Mistakes are made quite often, double links, not working links etc. are the result. And we don't
see them all the time, to fix them. (If you already made one - check the Mr. Linky Help, and you can fix it on
your own!

5. Read this BEFORE you submit!
Why? Because we will edit your entry if you enter any additional info other than name or Blogname, and country.
We understand, if you are excited about a special image and want everyone to see it. Or have a special day on your blog, a special action etc. However - in order to provide equal chances for all - we will !! delete all promotional content - and this entry will be set back to the end of the field.

6. Keep your Name entry short and sweet. Please: No All Caps, Special characters and complete
Life Stories or promotions. Please keep it under 25 characters
Why? Well for one - we want to make sure that everyone linking has the same chances. So we think, that - while understandable - the decorating your entry with special characters or All Caps writing, to make your entry more visible, puts you at an advantage to those who don't. So - since this is not a competition, we level the playing field.
Aside from that - just imagine what it would do to the readability, if every entry would be decorated....
Mr. Linkies links appear in three columns. Whenever an entry is made that goes over 25 characters, a new
line is being created and the table doubles in height - meaning all of us have to scroll much more. And since nobody
likes scrolling too much - be kind and stay under 25 characters.

7. If you have a commercial Site (meaning you earn money with it), you need the permission of the Skywatch Team, to participate!
Why? We do not want to send visitors to sites with questionable content or business practices. While getting paid for Blogging for example might just be ok, when properly disclosed in each post. Doing so without disclosure in each post! is something we do not condone, and will not tolerate it to be associated with Skywatch.
The same holds true for sites, that use Skywatch only to get traffic and potentially harvest email Addresses.

8. Please be considerate, when commenting!
Why? Even if you have a nice product, Website or whatever comes to mind - Skywatch is not the place to
promote it. Participants who incorporate advertising in comments they make on sites of our participants,
will be warned and if they continue to plug their product, banned from participating at Skywatch.
We are strictly non-commercial - we don't advertise, place ads and we ask you to respect, that Skywatch's
only agenda is having fun - everything else has to stay out. Thank you for your understanding.

What if...
Your Link is gone or suddenly at the end of the field.
Why? Two possible reasons: Technical glitch (a one in ten chance) or we deleted it. Here's a lowdown, when your
link will or may be deleted. Breaking Rules 1-4 will most likely result in deletion. When possible we try to contact you.
if only either rule 2 or 3 is involved. If it isn't fixed after a while - we delete. We also immediately delete any kind of promotion or when links point to commercial or scam sites. If your Link appears all over sudden at the end - you probably went overboard in length. It will be deleted and re-entered re-formatted at the end.

Do you censor?
No - and Yes.
Huh? Usually it is none of our business, what you write, show or sell in your blog. But to give you an example, where we will act. If you have a happy Porn site going and decide to make a Skywatch Post - chances are, that your link will be history. Skywatch is family friendly and parents are doing Skywatch with their kids. So - while we really don't judge what exactly it is, that you are doing, there are sites we consider not family friendly and will remove the links to them from the Skywatch site. We follow up on complaints, and act upon them if necessary. In short - Racism, Violence, Porn, Hate or Scam site owners - not a chance! And purely commercial sites that try to sell you, stand a good chance
to be removed, when the skywatch post is pretty lonely on a page between: "Buy this now" and "125% off - if you act now!"

Direct questions to the questions page or drop us a mail!
skywatchmyworld AT gmail DOT com

Monday, June 2, 2008

Link Help

Since mistakes are made - we're all human - here's how to get them sorted out.

  1. At the bottom of the page you find the button to enter your entry:

    Enter your info:


The you will be directed to a page that let's you select your thumbnail
Click "Select me" for the one you want - and you're all set.

Please do NOT:
  • Submit more than once
  • Add something like "Corrected" or "Working" in a fixed link.
  • Avoid writing a book, instead of your name. We will delete overly long entries
    and re-post them in a shorter version.
  • Submit more than one post per site
  • Submit the same image on two different sites.
  • Do not use URL Shorteners
  • Do not use ALL CAPS
  • Do not use any special characters other then the trusted comma.

Hope that helps!
Your Skywatch Team

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Be a Guest Host

Being a guest host for Skywatch or My World isn't all that hard.

Just send us your contribution!

The eMail address is skywatchmyworld AT gmail DOT com.

Add a little narrative and send us the best you've got! :)
Of course for My World the description should be a little more in depth, after all
you want us to learn about your world.
Don't forget to add your Blog URL.

The image:
One image only!!, that have to be your own pictures
720 pixel width for landscape format
650 pixel height for portrait format

To square away the legal part, please add the following line:
I agree the attached picture(s) to be published in an upcoming
Skywatch/My World issue.
I am the sole owner and copyright holder of the image(s).

Once we received the image they will be queued up for an upcoming issue.
We can't provide exact publishing days, but will try to notify you ahead of
the publication.
We can't publish images of submission that do not contain the release agreement
and reserve the right to reject submissions, if the content is not appropriate.

And that's it already! We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Again the checklist:

  1. Max image height:650px
  2. Max image width: 720px
  3. Add your Blogs URL!
  4. Add the copyright release!
  5. One picture only
We will accept one submission per year from each user.