Thursday, February 18, 2021

Skywatch Friday - Snowy Edition


It seems like the whole world has changed in the last week here in the USA. We had a huge cold spell and snow storm. We had rotating blackouts in Oklahoma because the utility companies were staggering under the demand. Texas was really suffering as they have no interconnects with other states and their whole power system collapsed down around their ears. The culprit was the loss of natural gas due to freezing conditions. Hopefully they will climb out of the hole they are in be better prepared next time.

This whole time I had a couple friends who were vacationing in the Florida Keys area and they were posting on facebook about the nice weather.  Who needs friends like that I ask you!! All in fun!

I hope Blogger behaves itself this week. I received queries from people who were having problems. Skywatch Friday is my only exposure to Blogger as I left it for Wordpress years ago. I wasn't much help to people and I feel sorry about that.