Thursday, December 15, 2022

Skywatch Friday - 15 December 2022 Edition


Skywatch photos have such huge variety. Some are anticipated and the photographer sets up ahead of time and waits for the perfect moments. Others like this one, you see when you get out of your car on a shopping trip and you notice the sunset and you snap off a shot or two because all of us skywatchers know that with color on sunsets and sunrises it's all about the now. You might only have seconds to take the shot before the sky turns gray. And of course when you take the shot you may end up with all sorts of "culture," overhead lines, parking lot lots, cars, businesses, buildings. Stuff like that seldom bothers me. It's part of where I live.

Part of what I love about Skywatch Friday is the huge variety of photos that participants post. Deserts, mountains, cities, villages, farms and more are presented and I love them all. I appreciate all who participate!

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