Saturday, January 26, 2008

Be a Guest Host

Being a guest host for Skywatch or My World isn't all that hard.

Just send us your contribution!

The eMail address is skywatchmyworld AT gmail DOT com.

Add a little narrative and send us the best you've got! :)
Of course for My World the description should be a little more in depth, after all
you want us to learn about your world.
Don't forget to add your Blog URL.

The image:
One image only!!, that have to be your own pictures
720 pixel width for landscape format
650 pixel height for portrait format

To square away the legal part, please add the following line:
I agree the attached picture(s) to be published in an upcoming
Skywatch/My World issue.
I am the sole owner and copyright holder of the image(s).

Once we received the image they will be queued up for an upcoming issue.
We can't provide exact publishing days, but will try to notify you ahead of
the publication.
We can't publish images of submission that do not contain the release agreement
and reserve the right to reject submissions, if the content is not appropriate.

And that's it already! We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Again the checklist:

  1. Max image height:650px
  2. Max image width: 720px
  3. Add your Blogs URL!
  4. Add the copyright release!
  5. One picture only
We will accept one submission per year from each user.