Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sky Watch No.8

This weeks Guest Intro was written by Gailsman

"The sky. We all have one above us, no matter where we are in the world. Besides air and water, the sky is one of the few things on planet Earth that shows no discrimination. Rich; poor; black; white; genius or dunce, that blue band that stops the air from floating out into space is exactly the same, whether you're living in Sydney like Sally, Brookville like Abraham Lincoln, Jilly in Monte Carlo or Nottingham like me. The only difference is the type of weather that it brings to us. Sunshine, rain, snow or wind. We get it all. The big difference is how much and when. Perhaps we should stop looking upwards and moaning about what the day is like, but thank the sky for those white clouds that aren't dark. Hiding the sun from the parched ground, or bringing snow, so someone can enjoy being out in it. So what photo to show? Most people seem to think that there's nothing like the English countryside. The colours, the trees, the landscape. So that's what I'm showing you all in this introduction. Look at it, then take a look at your own sky and think about why it's there and what it means to you."