Thursday, June 4, 2009

Skywatch Friday No. 47

Hello Skywatchers!
Glad you're on board again!

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Our today's Host is Beaulah

Good morning from Australia!

I am not sure if I am doing the
right thing. But I made my first Sky Watch Friday Episode #1 today.
Then I went over to read your instruction How To be a guest host. I'm
bit ambitious, ain't I?

Not really. Australia has always the most beautiful sky set apart
from the rest of the world being located in the southern hemisphere. My
humble camera took pride of taking few good shots with it.

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Skywatch Friday Participants first batch - had to restart, since some experienced problems
1. marcia TX USA
2. Mojo, NC, USA
3. Nature Remains
4. archie
5. The Acorn Trail
6. EG WOW! - Canada
7. El Paso - Texas
8. TR - Oklahoma Prairie
9. karla
10. Kenobiitti - Finland
11. Napaboaniya, Singapore
12. Koala, Poland
13. RuneE (Norway)
14. Napaboaniya APAD
15. Rune - Norway
16. Erin Virginia USA
17. Bexar County Line - Texas
18. Violins & Starships
19. Sanna - Sweden
20. Audun - Norway
21. Carver
22. Pietro
23. Barb - WillThink4Wine - Georgia, USA
24. Eric (Holland)
25. Nutty Birder
26. Dawn Fine in NYC
27. Sandy Carlson, CT, USA
28. Susan in Ireland
29. Dina -Jerusalem
30. VisualVictuals, GA
31. 2sweetnsaxy - California USA
32. Petunia
33. Petunia
34. Frans54 -The Netherlands
35. Barb, CO, USA
36. My Nature Rambles
37. lavonardo, Finland
38. Asthmagirl in Seattle
39. Beaulah
40. SaraG (Ohio, USA)
41. Kyle - Texas, USA
42. Christine QP
43. Bobbie
44. bim
45. Esther Garvi, Niger Rep, Africa
46. Ninnu, Finland
47. Klaus, Florida, USA
48. Dewdrop, Ga, USA
49. Ellie,NC
50. Postcards From Wildwood, UK
51. Ashton under Lyne, UK

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