Thursday, August 20, 2009

Skywatch Friday No. 58

Hello Skywatchers!
Glad you're on board again!

Want to be a Guest host, too? Here is the Page, that explains the "How To"!
Check it out!

Again we got a great response and we're sorting through
all the submissions. For those who submitted, but already have been a Guest Host - we think it's fair to limited Guest
Host postings to once a season!

Next week we will feature your Posts again.

So go ahead and give us
your best!

Please do read the rules !!!, before you post!!!!

When signing up for Mr. Linky - please be kind and follow these steps:

  1. Check your URL carefully BEFORE you submit.
  2. Use Name or blog name and do NOT exceed the length of the entry field.
  3. Do NOT enter a description of your post.
  4. Please do NOT add things like "Corrected link", or tie Skywatch to
    any kind of promotion.
  5. It's nice to add your COUNTRY and if there's room for the two letter
    abbreviation of your state, but refrain from using counties or cities etc.
  6. Please do NOT use special characters like: @ ~ * ( ) { } [ ] # ! ^ ? < > :, smilies etc. and please do NOT use ALL CAPITAL Letters
  7. Click here and let us know if you have a problem entering your link. Be considerate and don't just add a second or third link.

    We want to make your submissions as easy to read for everyone, and we want
    everyone to have the same chances to be found

By signing in to Mr. Linky, you acknowledge, that you have read the rules and agree to follow them.

Thank you for being part of the Skywatch Community!
Your Skywatch Team:
| Sandy | Ivar | Wren | Fishing Guy| Louise