Thursday, June 17, 2010

Skywatch Friday, Season 4, Episode 49

Hello Skywatchers!
Glad you're on board again!

Want to be a Guest host, too? Here is the Page, that explains the "How To"! Check it out!

We only have a few Guest host images left! Please submit more!

Only TWO more weeks, and Skywatch is turning 5 years!
Let us hear your suggestions, how to celebrate!

Our Guest Host today is Sarah Bettey

My name is Sarah and I post "almost" daily on my Hood Photo Blog. I am an avid nature lover, and much of what you will see on my blog is devoted to the great outdoors. I live in a great area, which is centrally located between deserts, mountains and ocean beaches. The picture I submitted was taken from Central Oregon looking west, just as the sun was going down behind Mt Hood.

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