Thursday, July 8, 2010

Skywatch Friday, Season 4, Episode 52

Hello Skywatchers!
Glad you're on board again!

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Well we had a little hickup. When the current
Team took over, there was a mixup concerning the age of
Skywatch and we continued under the impression, going into the 4th year - which would lead to the 5th anniversary.

...But Dot - the Skywatch Inventor provided us with the
correct date.

Skywatch was only one year old, when we took over, making it 3 years old now.

Honest mistake - that we hereby correct.

Next Week is the big Skywatch anniversary!
We're turning 3! A good Toddler age.
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And here's the plan:
  1. We're getting a makeover - a new Site Design is in the making.
  2. We want to make a Skywatch showcase* - a slide show permanently shown
    on this site - and we want everyone to send in her/his best Skywatch Picture ever.
    (Send it to: with the subject " Skywatch Showcase". Include
    your name and URL in the message)
  3. And for next week's edition - post your best, too!
*You can start sending in your picture for the Slideshow right now. Submissions are open until July 31st.
Image size: minimum 800*600px, maximum 1600*1200px

Our Guest Host today is Sarah L. Chapman

"A brilliant spring day at Boat Haven at Port Townsend, Washington. It had rained recently and this surprising rainbow lasted for the longest time, beginning almost flat on the horizon and rising a bit to this low arc as the late-day sun sank lower."

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