Thursday, November 23, 2017

Skywatch Friday - Thanksgiving Edition


In the USA this week Skywatch Friday is on Thanksgiving, a big big holiday. So if you celebrate it I hope you have a good one but don't forget to link your Skywatch post. If you forget, don't worry, the linky is good for a week and then another one starts up. The other big tradition is the day after Thanksgiving, the dreaded, to me Black Friday where shoppers trample each other in there search for bargains. I will tell you where I am going to be. A local resort in the Osage Hills northwest of Tulsa is opening up their grounds to anybody who wants to hike their extensive trail network. That is where I am going to be, with my camera along with my son and brother. That is my idea of Black Friday.

But hey, you celebrate the day the way you want.

Thank you for participating. We start the meme every Thursday at 2:30 CST and it goes for 168 straight hours until the next one starts.