Thursday, October 31, 2019

Skywatch Friday - Halloween 2019 Edition


We had a very nice weekend and I got to spend some time hiking a taking photos like the one above at Tulsa's Oxley Nature Center. Then things got crappy, wet, nasty, and cold for a couple days now. Oh well, we are plunging into winter. Fine with me, its killing the chiggers and ticks and the snakes should be quiet and hidden and the brush in the woods died back quite a bit. I love all the seasons, each of them offers something different. As we head into winter I love looking at the posts of those who live in the southern hemisphere because they are heading into summer. I'm a little jealous actually.


And it is Halloween. I love Halloween, what a great holiday. The weather is still pretty good, you don't have to buy anybody anything, and nobody feels sorry for you if you spend it alone. A little bit sad for us. Our son is away to college so we'll probably not hand out any candy. Son loved Halloween. He was about two in the photo above. Now he is twenty two. I hope everybody has a great week.