Thursday, April 9, 2020

Skywatch Friday - 9 April 2020 Edition


Welcome to Skywatch Friday. We still have the Pandemic going on as we will for some time. I hope everybody is sheltering in place if you can and being safe. A big thank you goes out to everybody who are risking exposure, first responders, the army of people who work in our hospitals and clinics and the also the many people who work in utilities keeping the water, electricity, natural gas and other things that we need to live. My heart goes out to the millions of people who are out of work and wondering how they are going to get by during this time. My heart also goes out to people who are separated from their loved ones. My brother for instance is in a long term care facility and the entire campus is on lockdown. Thankfully he has his cell phone and we are able to take daily but there is nothing like being there is what I say.