Thursday, March 18, 2021

Skywatch Friday 18 March 2020 Edition


Welcome to another week of Skywatch Friday. Here in the USA we had two events that made us bleery eyed this week. Daylight Savings Time started early Sunday morning and Saint Patrick's Day was yesterday. I hope everybody survived those things. I am still not used to the change in time. I do all my Saint Patrick's Day celebrating at home these days. And there is another thing in US, it is Spring Break time. I drove to western Oklahoma and picked up son yesterday from college. That sky above is from that trip. It turned kind of stormy later on but hey we made it.

And as an aside, now the kid is here and he has a Zoom class coming up. Which is taking in his pajamas and is hair is all over the place. I got grumped at when I said something, hah. Kids haven't changed much over the years.

Thanks for participating and I hope everybody has a great week!