Thursday, May 6, 2021

Skywatch Friday - 6 May 2021 Edition

Lafortune Park Skies

Here in Mid-America the temperatures are still a little low and we have had lots of rain. So much so that even though we activated our sprinkler system at the house we haven't had to water the yard yet. We get this cycle of rain followed by intense sunshine and it looks as though the grass is just throwing itself up into the air. And then the mosquitoes come out. You let the grass go without mowing too long and you'll need to hire a hay mower to come out and harvest a crop of hay. I have to tell you that I earned money during high school and college by yard work, mowing and gardening. I kind of halfway enjoy mowing but I had my fill of gardening and get no pleasure from it. I do like the results though. I know lots of people do though and I salute them!!.