Thursday, August 18, 2022

Skywatch Friday - 18 August 2022 Edition


The weather turned cool on Wednesday which is good in a way because many of the schools here in Oklahoma are starting up. Wouldn't want the youngsters in school when it is sunny and dry outside, right? Best that it be drizzly and cool so they can concentrate on their studies. I swear, when I was a kid, the greatest day of the year was the day they let school out for the summer. The worst day was generally about the second week after classes started. The teachers had enough of us by then so no more smiles and indulgences the rest of the year. I will admit I had pretty good teachers except for my first grade teacher in Payson, Arizona. Julia Randall, I had her in like her 46th year of over a 50 year teaching career. She literally started teaching before Arizona was a state. She was the one who invented shock and awe. Sorry, I digress but as you can tell, 61 years later, I am still traumatized by the start of my academic career.

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