Thursday, July 24, 2008

Step Right In To Skywatch (2)

My Opening Photo+Poem for Skywatch Blog Week (2) is of QUEEN ELIZABETH PARK - GRANTHAM. ------- Please excuse the quality of the Photo and the Poem. As you can see the Poem was written in 1994 and the photo was taken in around 1990. This Photo won me the competition in 2000 in Germany at Sankt-Augustin -- Grantham's Twin Town -- with my name inscribed on the Silver Plate and a certificate for me to keep(the winner holds the plate for a year).

Well here we are the 2nd Week of Skywatch Blog- -- It seems only yesterday that we were waiting -with bated breath- - at 7.30pm Thurs eve to see how new Skywatch Blog went, and if Posting worked. ( A nail biting 10 minutes) --------- Well it exceeded beyond all hope - with 326 posts. The Team (TOM - SANDY - KLAUS - IMAC) would like to THANK one and all for your posts which made SKYWATCH BLOG a Great success.-----Keep up your good work and most important enjoy yourselves.

Please be aware this is a family site and children will be viewing - also please mention Skywatch as you post your SKY Photos - Thank you.


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Thursday 31st July
07.30pm GMT
Thank you
The Sky Watch Team