Thursday, July 17, 2008

Step Right In

Welcome to the 'New' home of Sky Watch Friday.

After I was ill last week I realised that things had to change a little, I needed helpers. While blogging and hosting Sky Watch I have had advice, help and friendship from many... but two people stood out.. Imac and Sandy Carlson. So I was pleased when they excepted the offer to form a Sky Watch team. At the same time I thought a new blog was in order and when I'd mentioned this before I was contacted off another Sky Watcher Klaus who offered to do the design of the blog... how good was that of him. Not just that but at my request he designed it around the above picture taken by Jane on the way back from our resent drive out to Bakewell. There's New Icons to go with the New layout which are in the post below and are free to use. If you want to use your own or keep Dot's original please do so. Nothing else as changed, same fun format, same rules as can be viewed below the header. I want to thank all who post here this week for the support and kindness shown to Jane last week in my absence... Now then ... lets get down to Sky Watching from around the globe :O) Step Right In!

The Sky Watch Team

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