Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sky Watch 6

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Thursday 28th August

07.30pm GMT

Thank you!
The Sky Watch Team

Tom, Sandy, IMAC & Klaus

This weeks intro is from our guest Thomas Deep, known to many as the 'Fishing Guy'
Sky Watch is my favorite place to be on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday I want to be on the lake with a chance to catch some fish. I take a good camera everywhere, but have one simple one with me on the boat to see what I might find. The people running Sky Watch are the greatest group of guys and gals and I'm happy to count them as my friends. Here is my offering with a poem for the occasion.

The waning Moon is setting in the West-
with a beautiful lake sitting below.

My boat's at the dock prepared-
for a fishing trip, I do love it so.

The weather's perfect for the fun-
to try to catch some fish.

I certainly hope that I will find-
the Crappie biting as I wish.