Thursday, August 7, 2008

Skywatch 4 - Have a little Zen Moment

Today's Skywatch Intro was written by Klaus @ Virtua Gallery
A while ago I ran into this Website, where a guy showed nothing but sunsets. Hundreds, thousands! To be precise every sunset seen from his house since 1975. The Great Grandpa of skywatchers, huh? But it did get me thinking (have to admit it did hurt somewhat), but I did it anyway.
How much time do we actually tuck away for things like that? Almost anywhere in the world our sun sets pretty regular and as far as I know on pretty much a daily basis, whether you live in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe or the Americas. When did you go out last with the intent to catch yourself a sunset - or a sunrise?
I know my last is quite a while ago (and I'm not talking vacation shots!) And the funny thing is - I have to walk about 800 feet to get to the place where I shot this one. Just sitting down, watching the sun doing her thing and (dis)appear not only is a beautiful thing - it also is that kind of moment, that clears your head, relaxes you and allows you to think - a Zen Moment.
So go out and get yourself some of those. It's worth it!