Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sky Watch No.16

Hello one and all.... what a journey this as been for me. Each week for a while now I have had the pleasure to start the ball rolling here at Sky Watch HQ.. Each week was a journey around the world to look at your Sky pictures... and very enjoyable it was, too. It is said that all good things come to an end, and in my case it as ..... this will be my last posting for Sky Watch and blogging in general. I have got to the stage where I need to step back from blogging, and manage my free time better. I have a winter project to start shortly which will keep me busy and away from the PC.. Our beloved 1968/9 Land rover is having a bit of a rebuild and a 'recon engine' fitted. I will find this hard going but it is something that means a great deal to Jane and I. We towed it to the workshop today and it now awaits mine and Jane's tender loving care...

Thank you all for being out there, thanks for your contact, your comments and concern when I've been ill.... and most of all thank you all for your friendship. I'm sure I'll pop up from time to time to comment and to say hello.

Now it's time to hand you over to the very capable hands of the Sky Watch Team.... keep posting and enjoying.


I think I speak not only for the Team, but also for all who take part in Skywatch Friday, when I say that you will be sorely missed. It always has been a pleasure and you have become a friend.
It's an honor, that you hand the reigns over to me. The Team and I will do our best to keep Skywatch Friday, what you made it. A fun place where people share their unique views of skies all over the world. And let's not forget IMAC, who did also "retire" - his input and help was very
valuable for each and everyone of us. So - for the both of you - enjoy your retirement! Be healthy and stick your head through the door from time to time to say "hi!".

Thank you, for being part of the Skywatch Community!

Your Skywatch Team:
Klaus | Sandy | Ivar | Wren | Fishing Guy