Thursday, November 30, 2023

Skywatch Friday - 30 November 2013 Edition

#fall #november #autumn #skies #clouds #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok

Here in the USA we got through Thanksgiving and then plunged into the shopping nightmare of Black Friday. I actually went on a hike on Black Friday and ignored Cyber Monday. We have to keep our wits about us during Christmas season. Step back, breathe in and breathe out, chill out. That's my advice. Spend lots of time in nature outside if you can. Yep its cold, wear a coat.

Last week I averted catastrophe with SWF. I had this nagging feeling Thursday morning so I fired up the page and sure enough, for some reason, I had the page coming on Friday night and the location was some place in Australia. So I was able to fix it. Whew!! To do SWF I have to set the date and time in two places and correct the location. Blogger insists that I live in south Australia. Maybe it is saying I should move there? I'd love to visit but I'm happy here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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